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Resistance Cables in a coil

Resistance Cables

All cables are made with latex rubber using progressive layering technology, so they feel better and last longer than cheaper extruded cables. The layering process helps prevent ripping, tearing, and limited stretch length. Our variety of color-coded cables in different lengths allows you to choose the perfect cable for every exercise. Each cable is designed to take advantage of our patented quick interchange system to interconnect with all handles, attachments, and kiio Products.

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Triple Grip handles
Quik Fit handles
Exchange handles
Arm and Leg attachment

Patented Handles and Attachments

The patented handles and attachments are ergonomic and loaded with subtle features to enhance comfort and increase cable life. But the most important innovation is the patented interchange system: This open pocket and channel system allows you to quickly and easily exchange any cable with any handle or attachment.

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Home Health Packs

Home Health Packs

The kiio Home Health Pack provides a portable solution for you and your equipment. With a Door Anchor you can transform any room into your own personal clinic. We offer you the ability to pick resistance that matches your needs and pair that with our most ergonomic handles. Take our Home Health Pack on the road or bring the clinic home to you.

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Exercise Full Pack - cables and handles

kiio Packs

Bundled for your convenience and savings, kiio Packs come in multiple configurations to fit your specific needs. Therapeutic packs suit clinic needs, while exercise packs are designed to provide the full range of heavy duty cables desired by fitness centers.

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