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Resistance Cables

Resistance Cables spread out

Resistance cables are the optimal exercise and recovery tool. High-quality, lightweight, compact and portable, our resistance cables enable you to exercise anytime, anywhere. Multiple lengths (30” and 60”) of 10 color-coded levels of resistance make choosing the perfect cable a breeze for anyone performing at any level.

Progressive Layering Technology

  • Longer cable life
  • No rips, no tears
  • Smooth, powder-free latex rubber
  • Increased stretch length

Patented Quick Interchange System

  • Mix-n-Match any cable with any handle/attachment
  • Compatible with kiio Wall Gym and kiio Sensor
  • Quick and Secure

Color Coded Resistance

  • 10 to 100 lbs of resistance
  • At-a-Glance level selection
  • 30" and 60" cables
 R1 Teal Cable 10 lb. cable      R6 Red Cable 60 lb. cable
 R2 Purple Cable 20 lb. cable      R7 Yellow Cable 70 lb. cable
 R3 Pink Cable 30 lb. cable      R8 Green Cable 80 lb. cable
 R4 Maroon Cable 40 lb. cable      R9 Blue Cable 90 lb. cable
 R5 Orange Cable 50 lb. cable      R10 Black Cable 100 lb. cable
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Quik Fit handles
Exchange handles
Triple Grip handles
Arm and Leg attachment

Handles and Attachments

Patented handles and attachments give you a multitude of options and flexibility. Pair any cable with any handle or attachment.

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kiio Exercise Full Pack

kiio Packs

Need a variety of cables, handles and attachments but don't know where to start? Find a pack that suits your resistance needs.

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kiio Wall Gym Upper End Cap

kiio Wall Gym

The kiio Wall Gym is a versatile exercise station that is the ideal equipment to push you and your cables. Bring your exercise to life.

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kiio Caddy with cables and handles

kiio Caddy

A perfect place to store and organize your cables. Quickly account for inventory while clearly labeled resistance make picking a cable a breeze.

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