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kiio FLEX

Motion Capture Progression

Always Assign Exactly What You Want

kiio FLEX includes a therapist-certified library of over 800 fully motion-animated exercise templates, created using a complex proprietary process that begins in a motion capture studio under the supervision of an expert therapist. But that is not all. kiio FLEX Library also gives you the flexibility to add your own custom exercises to the library by importing your own video or animation. And all templates, including both kiio templates and your own creations, can take advantage of our patented customization and auto-creation technology. This technology makes it simple to customize animations and video for any patient by setting a desired range of motion, selecting custom timing, and assigning patient effort levels.

Setting range of motion is quickly and easily accomplished with two mouse clicks, one to mark the start and one to mark the end. Selecting custom timing is also easy, powerful, and straight-forward; our intuitive interface guides you to set the pull, hold, release, and rest times of the exercise you are customizing. Our patented algorithm then automatically generates the animation or video to match your specified range of motion and timing.

kiio FLEX also enables you to assign target sets, repetitions, intervals, and even “count up” or “count down” for each exercise. Further, all templates can be modified with customized notes and reminders to help patients achieve proper form when performing their exercises.

With all of these options the exercises you can create are endless, thus making it easy for you to always assign - and clearly communicate - exactly what you want.

  • Includes routine templates for common diagnoses built from the kiio Library of over 800 unique exercises
  • Unlimited custom routines
  • Ability to import your videos, animations or images
  • Patented customizable range of motion
  • Patented adjustable timing (pull, hold, release, rest)
  • Playback for patient matches your prescribed parameters

Doctor filming patient preforming an exercise

Improve Patient Outcomes

kiio FLEX animated exercises are easy for a patient to understand and follow. Studies show that increased understanding of proper form, range of motion, precise timing, and desired force all lead to increases in patient proficiency and adherence. And the bottom line is that increased patient adherence leads directly to improved patient outcomes.

  • Customized templates meet individual needs
  • Patented customizable range of motion ensures each patient stays within their physical limits
  • Patented adjustable timing allows precise tailoring to each patient
  • Clearly communicated instructions reduce risk of injury
  • Clear, fully customized animations increase patient confidence and adherence
  • Guiding animations engage patient interest

Physical Therapist Manual Muscle Testing

Deliver Clinical Excellence

Stop searching the file cabinet for old copies and hand-noting custom directions. Engage your patients with new technology, including animation and video. See how kiio FLEX allows you to always assign and communicate exactly what you want.

  • Import your own videos, animations or images
  • Easily customize range of motion to desired parameters
  • Easily adjust timing (pull, hold, release, rest) to reflect prescription
  • Easily designate desired patient effort (sets, reps, intervals)

In addition, kiio FLEX eliminates documentation headaches and saves you time by automatically tracking what you assign. The time saved is time you can spend with your patients.

  • Documents all notations, including assessments and progress, in patient record.
  • Documents range of motion, timing, pain scale and your own custom variables
  • Automatically generates EHR-ready data
  • Electronically captures and records objective force-over-time data when paired with the kiio Sensor
  • Increases face time between you and your patients

kiio FLEX Printed Reports

Become Efficient

The Affordable Care Act means that now more than ever it is critical to deliver the highest quality of care in the most efficient manner possible. kiio FLEX is designed to help your clinic become more efficient while simultaneously delivering enhanced clinical care. Let us show you how kiio FLEX will help you serve more patients with better care to increase revenue and profitability.

  • Improves consistency, clarity and adherence
  • Empowers you with more comprehensive, detailed, objective data
  • Eliminates transcription errors and saves data-entry time
  • Increases face time between you and your patients
  • Maximizes CPT billing



Diagnoses Covered:

29 including operative, non-operative, and performance/injury prevention

Routine Templates:


Exercise Templates:


Operating Systems:

32-bit versions: Windows 7(Home, Professional, Ultimate), Windows 8(Pro, Enterprise)
64-bit versions: Windows 7(Professional, Ultimate), Windows 8(Pro, Enterprise)



# kiio Sensors Connect Simultaneously:

2 kiio Sensors per computer


Import your own videos, images, notes, patient records, etc.

Data Backup Capabilities:

Local and cloud

Downloadable Content:



Email, print, export EHR-ready data to Microsoft Word / Excel

Physical Therapist Manual Muscle Testing

Show Leadership

Evidence-based practice demands objective data. The kiio FLEX Library is the first step into an efficient objective future. It is designed to pave the way for the kiio Sensor and kiio FLEX Assessment software, which together will demonstrate the future of muscle testing and assessment.

  • Objectively and accurately measures and quantifies patient performance
  • Goes beyond single data points with continuous data across the full range of motion
  • Tracks timing, force/weight, sets, reps and more
  • Calculates peak force, fatigue, average rep max, duration above target, peak and average power indices, bilateral percent, and coefficient of variance
  • Empowers you to establish baselines, monitor progress, discover patterns and made data-driven decisions
  • Supports evidence-based practices with consistent, comprehensive, accurate, objective measurement
  • Generates reports
  • Delivers EHR-ready data

Kiio Inc. is also developing kiio Mobile Solution (an mHealth/telemedicine solution) to extend the clinical setting. This cloud-based mobile approach is designed to further engage the patient with mobile virtual coaching, guided custom exercises, and entertaining interactive content. kiio Mobile Solution will introduce new levels of monitoring and feedback, further increasing patient understanding and adherence. Our vision is to build a flexible, affordable toolset that helps clinics become more profitable while delivering superior treatment and improving patient outcomes.

  • Patient mobile apps engage anytime, anywhere
  • Virtual coach demonstrates precise form, range of motion, timing, and effort
  • Empirically-supported motivational features further enhance adherence
  • Interactive feedback feature gathers patient responses
  • Cloud database makes information always accessible
  • kiio Sensor monitors performance
  • Secure and fully HIPAA-compliant


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