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kiio Sensor

kiio Sensor

kiio Sensor

Kiio Inc. was initially founded on the idea that progressive variable resistance is superior to free weights and large bulky machines as a therapeutic and fitness exercise approach. Resistance cables offer greater safety, lower cost, greater time-efficiency, portability, and a higher potential to increase actual muscle strength. We believe that functional exercise is the future, and that the full potential of dynamic progressive variable resistance has yet to be unleashed.

Physical Therapists treat physical dysfunction or injury by employing therapeutic exercise and the application of various modalities, with the goal of restoring or facilitating normal function or development. A primary component of Physical Therapy is assessment of the patient prior to physical intervention, and periodic reassessment to evaluate progress throughout treatment. The most common method of assessment utilizes Manual Muscle Testing.

Manual Muscle Testing (MMT) is a procedure for the evaluation of the function and strength of individual muscles and muscle groups based on the effective performance of a movement in relation to the forces of gravity and manual resistance. Most MMT is performed with direct contact, with the Physical Therapist providing the resistance. A common example is a patient pushing against a therapist’s hand or arm. The main advantage of MMT is that it has the potential to evaluate muscle strength, range of motion, and point of pain without overstraining or reinjuring the patient.

However, MMT is not only combative with the patient, it is also completely subjective, and it only results in a single data point on a very limited scale correlating to the therapist’s perception of maximum force. In summary, MMT is imprecise and more of an art than a science.

The kiio Sensor was designed to advance the state of the art in clinical assessment and therapeutic exercise evaluation. It replaces a single, subjective, manual rating with comprehensive objective force measurements over time. The kiio Sensor is designed to be small, light, portable, accurate, and easy to use. It integrates with kiio FLEX software, together creating a comprehensive clinical solution to benefit patients, therapists, and clinics.

kiio Sensor: from art to science

kiio Sensor


One touch of a button powers the kiio Sensor on and off, while our patented quick interchange system for cables and handles allows easy swapping of any cable or handle. Simply connect the kiio Sensor in-line with resistance cables and begin collecting data. If you desire a more rigid connection, the kiio Sensor also easily connects in-line with our assessment cable, standard webbing, rope, chain, or carabineers, thus delivering full flexibility to integrate with almost any attachment.

kiio Sensor


The kiio Sensor accurately measures, stores, and wirelessly communicates force over time during any exercise. On-board sensors, CPU, and special electronics calculate actual force, power, exercise pacing, and more. The kiio Sensor is integrated with kiio FLEX software to offer a comprehensive solution for assessing, training, monitoring, and improving the overall performance of patients and athletes. With 50 samples per second and over 99% accuracy, results are continuously and instantly delivered wirelessly throughout an exercise, making quantitative metrics available in real time for each and every repetition. Objective data is automatically recorded and displayed against target effort and timing, assisting with proper effort and frequency for each exercise. Audio and visual alerts indicate when limits are exceeded, helping to ensure proper performance and safety.

kiio Sensor


The kiio Sensor is approximately the size and weight of an average smartphone, and includes a rechargeable battery with greater than 6 hours of life per charge. In addition to allowing real-time transmittal of data to kiio FLEX software, the kiio Sensor can also store hundreds of hours of data, ready to be downloaded at a later time. The kiio Sensor thus enables objective data collection virtually anywhere, anytime.

kiio Sensor


The kiio Sensor is a highly adaptable in-line device. The patented quick interchange system allows the kiio Sensor to interconnect with almost any equipment. A short list of some products the kiio Sensor can connect with includes:

kiio Sensor



6.1" x 2.7" x 1.4"


4 oz

Battery Life:

8 hrs

Charge Time:

90 min

Charging Port:


WiFi Range:

up to 300 ft

Sample Rate:

50 ms

Built in Storage:

microSD Card

Force Range:

0-250 lbs


>99% accuracy full scale

Units of Measure:

Pounds (lbs) Kilograms (kg) Newton's (N)





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