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kiio Wall Gym

Girl exercising using a kiio Wall Gym

Versatile Exercise Station

The perfect complement for therapeutic exercise or resistance training. An infinitely adjustable anchor system allows simple and secure placement anywhere along the continuous track. Precise markings ensure consistency when assessing, exercising or monitoring.


  Patented Anchor System
  • Two adjustable buckles slide to any track position
  • Adjusts in 1 second with a simple pinch
  • Smooth, easy, quiet
Patented Interchange System
  • Triple pocket: quick secure connections
  • Accepts cables, bands, straps, etc.
  • D-ring gives infinite attachment flexibility
Wall Mounted Advantage
  • Maximizes floor space
  • Eliminates door damage
  • Hidden mounting hardware
Customized Graphics
  • Option to print your logo
  • Personalized side strip inserts

kiio Wall Gym dimensions 89in x 7in x 3.5in



7.5" x 89" x 3.5"

Adjustable Heights:

Anywhere along the 7 foot stainless steel track

Support Force:

250 lbs

Anchor Points:

Two adjustable anchor points

Safety Features:

All edges are rounded and smooth to the touch, secures cables and handles into place

Resistance Cables spread out

Resistance Cables

Resistance cables are an essential in any home or clinic. All cables easily connect using the patented quick interchange system.

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quik fit handles
exchange handles
triple grip handles
arm and leg attachment

Handles and Attachments

Patented handles and attachments give you a multitude of options and flexibility. Pair any cable with any handle or attachment.

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kiio Exercise Full Pack

kiio Packs

Need a variety of cables, handles and attachments but don't know where to start? Find a pack that suits your resistance needs.

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kiio Caddy with cables and handles

kiio Caddy

A perfect place to store and organize your cables and handles for your kiio Wall Gym. Quickly account for all inventory.

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